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See What Others Are Saying About The Wason Pond Pounder

The Wason Pond Pounder was a family friendly event that boasted some picturesque trail runs. Since families participated, most of the obstacles were fairly tame. The layout of the course provided spectators with some great views of the action. Nice family atmosphere.

– Muddy Warthog (May 6, 2013)

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This race season is in full swing now – and with that will come Spahtens traveling in groups across the East Coast (and further) to hit up as many OCR’s as Time and money will allow. Next Year, Keep the Pond Pounder on your list of races to do. Wason Pond Pounder accurately describes themselves as a moderately challenging, and family-friendly obstacle course; it is exactly that. This is a race worth supporting and running, and hope for a bigger event next year!

; – New England Spahtens (May 6, 2013)

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